About Us




Mr.Sultan Hudda, founder of this company is electronics engineer by qualification and was a very successful Edible Oil Trader in Sanand,Ahmedabad, In 2002 he thought of diversifying his business as there was no creativity in old traditional business. Mr.Sultan Hudda is a very creative by nature and is full of innovative thoughts.

His Garment journey started with a franchise of FANTOOSH at Gurukul followed by his own Mr.Bachelor show room at Relief road. Both the show rooms had created a history in retail business of Ahmedabad. There was a long queue outside the show room for few days.

Retail business got converted into manufacturing of garments by 2004 with the firm SHALIN APPARELS. Shalin Apparels is now one of the leading garment manufacturers in Ahmadabad, Gujarat with experience over 10 years into fashion and clothing industry. He launched his first brand “Johnny Walker” in 2002, and today company operates with bunch of famous brands like Haute Mirchee, Lee Man, Stalion and more for men’s garment. However, brand Haute Mirchee became our flagship brand and helped Shalin Apparels to become one of the leading fancy shirt manufacturers in Ahmadabad. This success also idealizes company to come up with kids designer shirts under the brand Haute Mirchee Junior. Today Company is having his eyes on all major national and international market. Shalin Apparels has already achieved market presence in Sri Lanka, Dubai and other Gulf countries and expanding into other international locations as well.